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Chainsaw Bear

Welcome to attempt number ~397 to start a coherent blog.

I intend to irregularly post thoughts, attempts, misspellings, and grievances here. It’s also an experiment in self-hosting. Woohoo!


I’ve gone through a number of markdown tutorials in the past, but never had a good excuse for actually using it. So here’s a place to experiment with that.


The small / funky web we grew up with.

Seriously, all of the amazing privateer sites make me want to learn how to do this. There’s something important about sharing things without mediation. I’m not old enough to be a grey-bearded wizard, but hope to be one when I grow up someday.

I remember my dad giving me a book - physically printed on paper - about interesting places on the internet. Circa 1996. Everything felt new and experimental and real in a way that YouTwitFace just hasn’t.

Attempting to emulate the cool kids, I had an Angelfire page back in the day. Lovingly written in Notepad. I don’t even remember how to do that. So here I am re-learning.

Super cool funky sites